De-Risking Consulting

Banks, like other industries, are driven to grow revenue.  So, why would your bank consider exiting clients?  When clients do not fit the bank's risk appetite because they pose an unsupportable level of risk, it is time to exit the client.  There are many aspects to consider before developing a client exit (or de-risking) stragegy.  Which clients do you exit? How do you notify the client and what support can you provide? How do you train client-facing employees to handle questions they receive? How do you estimate the impact to revenue?  These are critical questions to consider as part of your de-risking strategy.  Handled poorly and a bank may suffer damage to its the reputation from clients who feel pushed out the door or employees who don't understand why clients are being exited.

At K Gowin Consulting, we can help you design and implement a successful client exit strategy.  We will work with you to understand your current client base, evaluate the risks with the client base, and create a plan to exit identified clients.    Contact us today to start the conversation.


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