Interim Management

Recent Interim Management Engagements:

  • BAFT (Bankers Association for Finance and Trade), Washington, DC.  Interim President and CEO
  1. Managed the operational merger of BAFT with IFSA. Revamped the budget to align revenue and expenses and oversaw the financial merger of the two associations. Calibrated staffing functions and eliminated redundancy within the organizational structure.
  2. Ensured the team delivered the annual member conference and the global conference.  Inclusive of engaging speakers, coordinating conference logistics, collecting registration fees, and marketing to draw attendance.  These two conferences are critical to meeting revenue targets for the annual budget.
  3. Restructed the approach to quarterly Board meetings for 24 Board members.  This included redesigning the staff reports, reorganizing Board committees, and engaging with Board members on agenda topics.  Board meetings which had been lasting four hours operated efficiently in 90 minutes.
  4. Rolled out the Asia Regional Council – the first effort in Asia for the Association.  Worked closely with banking leaders in Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore.
  5. Advocated on behalf of BAFT membership with the U.S. Treasury and European Union regulators on the issue of Trade payments and BASEL trade liquidity requirements.
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