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Kathleen Gowin is the author of several articles published in industry publications, and the host of informational webinars. To read the full content of any article, click "Read More".

Developing a Client Selection Strategy

Whether your bank is large, small, regional or international, it is imperative to have a stated client selection strategy. A strategy will define which clients are appropriate to engage and retain based on the institution’s risk assessment. The strategy will contain attributes such as desired industries, acceptable geographies, and range of products which are offered. By developing a client selection strategy, executive management can clearly define which clients fall inside and which fall outside the acceptable range. In addition, the strategy guides sales and relationship management, informs operations and underwriting, and supports the efforts of compliance and audit. This article is a guide for sales management, but can be informative to those who are in the role of compliance or audit since their partnership is critical to the sound development of the strategy.    Read More...

Published on, a publication of ACAMS © 2016.  AUGUST 2, 2016

Exiting Relationships: Ten Steps to a Successful Client Exit Strategy

Financial institutions are developing client selection strategies to align with the institution’s risk appetite. If your institution has developed a client selection strategy, it can be used to guide the sales organization in client acquisition. With the implementation of your client selection strategy, you may have learned that your financial institution has current client relationships that fall outside the acceptable parameters of your strategy. This article suggests an approach that can be used to exit those unacceptable relationships.   Read More...

Published on, a publication of ACAMS © 2017.  FEBRUARY 14, 2017

Don’t Go Digital Without Understanding the New Business Account Opening Regulations 

Despite being well into the 21st century, many small business account openings still occur in the branch, generally due to the lack of a satisfactory digital experience, regulatory requirements, or both. Now that digital account opening is taking hold with consumers, financial institutions are trying to offer a fast and convenient experience for small business customers as well.  Making business account opening digital may seem daunting, but the first step in evaluating technology solutions is to understand what regulators look for in a new account process.  Read More...

Published on © 2017.      October 24, 2017

Webinars and Presentations

“The New FinCEN CDD Rule:  A Dialogue on the Beneficial Ownership Requirement for Customer Due Diligence” Financial Crimes & Compliance Executive Forum, Charlotte, NC (2017)


“Know Your Customer Requirements - Are You Prepared for More Regulatory Scrutiny?” hosted by Treasury Strategies (2015)


“The Future of Big Data and Mobility” sponsored by The Conference Board, New York, NY (March 2012)