Revenue Growth in a Highly Regulated Environment

Recent Projects and Engagements:

  1. Developed growth plan to double revenue for Treasury Management Division for three Midwest regional banks
  2. Developed client selection strategy and client prospect search tool
  3. Developed a global governance framework, inclusive of Regulatory conversations, for bulk cash product. Resulted in 43% growth in the first year.
  4. Conducted peer review for account opening docs and Beneficial Ownership for a top five bank and two midwest regional banks
  5. Reviewed roles and assessed staff skills for Treasury Management sales support

Articles Published:

"Developing a Client Selection Strategy" Published on, a publication of ACAMS © 2016.

"Don't Go Digital Without Understanding the New Business Account Opening Regulations" Published on © 2017.


Webinars and Presentations

“The New FinCEN CDD Rule:  A Dialogue on the Beneficial Ownership Requirement for Customer Due Diligence” Financial Crimes & Compliance Executive Forum (2017)

 “Know Your Customer Requirements - Are You Prepared for More Regulatory Scrutiny?” hosted by Treasure Strategies (2015)

 “The Future of Big Data and Mobility” sponsored by The Conference Board (March 2012)


Project Successes at Bank of America:

  1.  Developed pricing strategy for Merchant Services to simplify approach. As head of Product Management, Kathleen observed multiple pricing events had a negative impact on clients. She drove an effort to simplify pricing events by categorizing each merchant according to SIC code, average ticket size and total transaction volume. Greatly reduced calls to the customer support line from merchants. (Bank of America 2002)
  2. Developed tools to drive sales strategies in new and under-penetrated markets. Used data-mining techniques and industry research to identify 22 growth segments. Developed tools to define peer group product utilization to identify cross-sell target lists. Created product usage velocity reports to guide sales teams to higher-impact opportunities. Aligned sales staff to growth segments. Partnered with Corporate Bankers to develop Alternative Asset Managers business development strategy. (Bank of America 2010)
  3. Drove global expansion for Cash and Banknotes -- 43% growth in 2011.   Two major competitors forced to exit the Banknotes business due to AML violations. Navigated Risk and Compliance governance committees to alleviate concerns related to AML operational controls. Developed relationships with Regulators in the US, Europe, and Mexico to dialogue on AML regulations. Instituted Global Operating Committee to monitor AML risk and operational risk. (Bank of America 2010-2011)
  4. Redesigned sales analyst function resulting in 25% capacity gain and improved morale. Developed survey tool to measure variability in the current sales analyst function for 65 FTE. Improved morale by hosting focus groups of sales analysts to gain buy-in for the redesigned function. Developed a new set of competencies for the function with a companion on-line assessment tool to measure who is “ready now,” “ready with training,” and who “does not meet minimum requirements.”   Re-contracted with key partner groups to shift tasks from the sales analyst to other teams which resulted in a 25% improvement in capacity. Rewrote end-to-end business-critical processes to drive efficiency for multiple partners groups.  (Bank of America 2011)

Banking Product Development at FinTech Company:

  1. Drove the development team using location intelligence to prevent card fraud.  This product utilizes a cell phone's transmitted location and its proximity to the point of sale device.  When the cell phone is not in the same location, card transactions are blocked.  This technology was successfully tested with ten major banks in the US and two international banks.  (Pitney Bowes Financial Services 2013)
  2. Revenue growth using location intelligence.  A financial institution can utilize the customer's cell phone location to push information for the nearest ATM or branch and to identify merchants participating in rewards offers.    This drives revenue when consumers sign up for the service and in generating an additional card-based transaction.  (Pitney Bowes Financial Services 2013)
  3. Developed innovative solution for AML in wire transfers. Regulators were signaling coming changes to wire transfers by requiring complete and valid addresses for both the sender and the receiver. Developed a new solution to meet evolving AML regulations for wholesale payments and cross-border payments.   Designed use cases to measure effectiveness of address validation and reviewed with 11 major banks. Presented solution to the Federal Reserve Board BSA Committee. (Pitney Bowes Financial Services 2014)
  4. Created Use Cases for Big Data utilizing card information to provide customers a better experience.  An example implemented by a large card issuer no longer requires the traveler to call with dates of international travel.  The card issuer identifies dates of international travel and locations using card data when the airline ticket is purchased.  This became a competitive advantage for one major card issuer.   (Pitney Bowes Financial Services 2013)


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